3 reasons you should buy a used vehicle

Perhaps you've been walking, biking, taking public transportation, or catching rides to where you need to be and are ready to get your own set of wheels. Or you suddenly found out your family would be growing and you could no longer get by with a sedan. When these big changes occur, we at Kolosso Toyota are here to help you find a used vehicle that'll fit your lifestyle. Here are a few reasons to buy used.

#1: You can save money

One of the biggest reasons people buy used is because they want to save money. You might be on a tight budget, prefer to buy a car that doesn't depreciate as quickly once it's driven off the lot, or want to put extra money towards things like travel or buying a first home. With a used vehicle you'll spend significantly less each month. Who doesn’t love saving?

#2: You can get more for less

Let's say you've had your eye on a new Toyota Highlander XLE, but the cost is outside of your price range. If you shop our used Toyota selection there is a good chance you can find a used Highlander XLE that you can afford. This mindset lets you get a vehicle with the finer amenities without braking the bank.

#3: It's a great way to buy a second car

You love your sedan for commuting, but wish you had something different for weekend activities. Or you wish you had a pickup for those occasional hauls so you weren't always calling up your friend to borrow theirs. Buying a well-priced used vehicle is a more affordable way to get a second ride.

Bonus: What if buying used makes you uneasy?

We give our used vehicles a thorough review before they hit the salesfloor, but we know some customers are still weary of what the vehicle may have gone through with a previous owner(s). If so, check out our selection of Certified Pre-Owned Toyota vehicles. They go through a rigorous inspection, have to pass strict model year and mileage rules, and need to have a squeaky-clean CARFAX report. They also have added perks like extended warranties and roadside assistance.

See, buying used is fun, exciting, and far from scary! Visit our Appleton dealership location this week to check out our selection.

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