One of the reasons car buyers choose Kolosso Toyota is for our budget-friendly selection of used cars. However, with so many great offers to consider, some shoppers may find it difficult to decide. That is where we can assist you! To help you search for a vehicle that suits your needs best, we have divided the lineup into three main categories which will narrow down your choices.

You Have Three Choices for Used Cars

Used Coupes — Two-door variants like the Toyota 86 and Dodge Challenger will appeal to drivers who enjoy driving in style. The smaller dimension of a coupe creates a sleeker and more aerodynamic look. In turn, there is a sense of intimacy inside the cabin. Generally, such options are integrated with stronger powertrain components as well, giving them a motorsport attitude to match their bold appearance.

Used Sedans — Four-door variants like the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry are the most traditional options and are oftentimes the go-to choice for the everyday commuter. Depending on whether you choose a compact, midsize, or full-size model, interior volume will vary. However, each one is alike in basic mechanical composition and maintain excellent stability and control out on the road.

Used Hatchbacks — Five-door variants like the Toyota Prius and Chevrolet Cruze will satisfy drivers who require more room. Instead of having a compartmentalized trunk, these options have an extended cabin that you can adapt to suit your needs. For instance, you can change the seating arrangement to fit more cargo. This makes running daily errands much easier.

Test Drive Your Preferred Used Vehicle in Appleton, WI

The breakdown of different used cars above will give you a good starting point for your auto search. We also recommend taking a closer look at the details to make sure that the model you select comes with the features you want. Once your research is concluded, head over to our used car dealership in Appleton to check out our entire used vehicle inventory and to take a test drive!

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