Toyota produces some amazing vehicles. The Corolla remains a popular fixture on the road, and the Camry, Prius, and RAV4 continue to impress. All these vehicles do require routine care to perform reliably and safely. How about bringing your vehicle to Kolosso Toyota near Oshkosh for all its service needs. The service department's team can assist with any repair or maintenance requests. Read on to learn more!

Oil and Air Filter Changes Along With an Inspection

An oil change represents the most frequent and basic service a Toyota requires. Overlooking an oil and accompanying air filter change can cause serious problems for a vehicle. Make sure oil changes occur timely, and the right brand gets selected.

An oil change offers our technicians a chance to perform a valuable multi-point inspection. Find out about your tires, battery, fluids, coolant, hoses, belts, lights, windshield wiper blades, and more. If any obvious service becomes necessary, a technician can make a recommendation.

Tire Service

A basic inspection of the tires might not be enough. The tires could require rotating, which allows technicians to examine their condition and check for leaks closely. Rotating tires involves removing them, which opens doors for brake inspections.

Brake Inspections

A vehicle requires its brakes to be in good, reliable condition. Otherwise, safety problems arise. A thorough brake inspection lets technicians determine if the various parts and connecting lines require repair, replacing, or refurbishing. If you notice any signs of trouble, get a brake inspection done. And get one done every six months when rotating the tires to be even safer.

Wheel Alignments

Driving on Oshkosh roads can come with all kinds of bumps. Even hitting a small pothole or tapping the curb can knock wheels out of alignment. Our service department team has the skills and abilities to restore original wheel settings.

Schedule Your Service Visit at Kolosso Toyota

Please feel free to schedule a service visit at our dealership. Call the service department or book online. Once here, expect prompt and courteous service. We'll get your vehicle back on Oshkosh streets without delays. We look forward to working with you soon!

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