Keeping up with a busy schedule can sometimes feel overwhelming, and some drivers might be tempted to put off having their vehicle serviced until a future date. The instructions in your Toyota owner’s manual come from the same engineers who designed your engine, making the information and advice for when to change your oil or tire rotation details extremely relevant for your particular model of Toyota. Staying current with maintenance can save you money on the expensive repairs that are the result of neglect and can allow you to get the most from your Toyota vehicle while you own it.

Keep your engine feeling young with regular oil changes that replace aging oil filled with road dust, grime, and metal shavings. The longer you go without an oil change, the longer your engine is forced to perform with an oil that’s filled with abrasive debris that can wear down precision components. Your engine has a range of filters that keep the air or fluids free of foreign objects, so it’s a good idea to change these regularly to ensure your engine can perform as expected.

It’s easy to forget your battery or tires are even there sometimes, as they perform their jobs quietly and efficiently, but if either of them fail, it can ruin your whole day. Inspections and replacement of these vital components will keep you from breaking down when you least expect it. Regular inspections of other vehicle systems like your headlights or brakes satisfy state requirements and also keep you safe as you’re driving.

We offer a time saving way to schedule your next service appointment at our Appleton service center with our convenient online tool right on our website. This allows you to set an appointment that works with your schedule without having to wait until opening hours to book a time. Whether you need a battery inspection, oil change, tire rotation or other maintenance task completed, we’re here for you. Our mechanics follow all manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules and use quality Toyota parts and engine additives, giving your vehicle factory level maintenance every time you visit.

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