For many years, Toyota vehicles such as the Camry, Tacoma and RAV4 have been lauded for their safety and dependability. At Kolosso Toyota in Appleton, WI, we carry these and other vehicles made by Toyota, and we do our best to ensure that they are in good condition before they are put on our lot.

Used Cars Are More Affordable

For the most part, used cars offer more value for your money compared to new vehicles. This is partially because they won't lose nearly a quarter of their value as soon as your drive them home. In addition, it generally costs less to insure and maintain a used vehicle because cars or trucks that aren't in adequate condition generally don't get sold again. Finally, a vehicle that has had a previous owner generally costs less to purchase than one that has just come out of the factory.

Receive the Balance of a Toyota Warranty

New Toyota vehicles come with a warranty that lasts for up to three years or up to 36,000 miles. When you purchase a used Toyota from our dealership, you are entitled to receive the balance of that warranty. It may also be possible to purchase an extended warranty or service package that can help pay for some or all future repairs.

Toyota Vehicles Hold Their Value

One of the best reasons to buy a Toyota is that they do a great job of holding their value over time. This can be ideal whether you are planning on trading the vehicle in within a couple of years or want to hand it down to your child several years from now.

If you are in the market for a used vehicle, you should strongly consider buying a Toyota from our dealership. In addition to providing service at our physical location, we can help you online or by phone to best meet your needs.

We are proud to serve drivers in Oshkosh, too!

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