Fotack? Fitack? Fotace? However you're tempted to pronounce the new name, the all-new Toyota FT-AC crossover concept--which just debuted this month at the LA Auto Show--is definitely a little something different.

The FT-AC stands for “Future Toyota Adventure Concept”, and it's a really impressive new design.

The concept car features tons of body cladding, giving it a rough-and-tumble look that hints that Toyota is aiming to create so much more than just the RAV4 Adventure trim that they trotted out this year.

Concept SUVs almost never look exactly the same in production, but we can remain hopeful at seeing similar specs, wheels, engine options, styling, and lights in the production-model new Toyota all-road crossover. Since the vehicle's name is literally "future adventure concept", we can assume that that is probably going to change in production.

All of the Stuff, in One Package

Here's what we can hope to expect from the Toyota FT-AC crossover concept:

  • Intense versatility
  • Removable, portable fog lights
  • Twin tow hooks
  • Skid plates
  • Safari-style cargo roof rack system
  • Removable, portable infrared cameras
  • A possible hybrid powertrain w/ AWD

That's a lot to look forward to.

We'll keep you updated on the all-new Toyota FT-AC crossover concept.

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